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Welcome to Security Clearance Law Group, a full service National Security Clearance Law Firm. We represent service members, government employees and government contractors nationwide on all issues relating to obtaining and securing a national security clearance or other access authorization.

The attorneys at our firm have had great success representing clients all over the country including Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Jacksonville, Florida, El Paso, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Los Alamos, New Mexico, Woodland Hills, California, San Diego, California, Santa Barbara, California and more in National Security Clearance matters.

Whether you need assistance understanding the SF-86, Responding to a Governmental Statement or Reasons, or Representation at a personal appearance or other administrative hearing, the experienced attorneys at Security Clearance Law Group have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are making the right decisions when it comes to obtaining or keeping your National Security Clearance.


What We Can Do For You

It is imperative that you understand the Security Clearance Review Process, and that you respond accordingly. Your job depends on it.

We Will Help You to Understand the Security Clearance Review Process

The worst mistake that you can make when deciding how to respond to the government when faced with the revocation of your national security clearance is to underestimate the value of experience and representation in this area.  The attorneys at Security Clearance Law Group provide you with the knowledge and representation that you need to keep your clearance and keep your job.

We Offer Value That You Will Not Find Elsewhere

We understand that coming up with the funds to pay for representation in your national security clearance case can be difficult. We offer the most competitive rates in the field. At our law firm you will get the best representation for the most affordable price.

We Offer the Knowledge, Experience and the Confidence of Success

Our attorney’s have represented service members, government employees, and government contractors in national security clearance matters nation wide. His success in this area speaks for itself as he has successfully represented numerous applicants in various adjudicative guideline cases. They are well known and respected by administrative judges and government counsel. Their trial experience makes them an asset in the courtroom that you cannot afford to be without.

We Offer Reasonable Fees and Honest Case Evaluations

The esoteric nature of the National Security Clearance Denial and Review process benefits those law firms that know the system. If you don’t understand what it takes to fight for your clearance then it is easy to be taken advantage of when seeking representation.

The reality is that some Security Clearance Law Firms have the process down to a science and quote high fees for representation simply because they can. This philosophy runs counter to the values of our law firm.

We take our ethical oath seriously. We will not advise you to pay for representation that is not worth your hard earned money. We will give you an open and honest evaluation of your case every time and quote a reasonable fee for the work being done.

If you cannot afford the full retainer upfront, we will work with you to come up with a payment plan that works best for you. Please find below a full list of our National Security Clearance services and associated fee ranges. Appearance fees include travel to and from the hearing anywhere in the country.

Call now to schedule your free consultation with an experienced National Security Clearance Lawyer. (858) 345-1720

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