It isn’t every day that we get to provide an update that gives a happy ending to something we’ve previously written on our blog, but our 2016 is off to a positive start in that department.

The U.S. Navy announced in early January that it had reversed its decision to deny security clearance to a Jewish dentist because of his family connections in Israel.

We recently wrote about how Dr. Gershon Pincus was appealing the decision to deny him a security clearance because of “divided loyalties.” The reason for denial was based upon weekly phone calls the dentist makes to his mother and brother in Israel.

Pincus appealed, and at least three Jewish organizations – the Orthodox Union, Agudath Israel of America and the American Jewish Community – spoke out on his behalf, according to

Nathan Diament, the Orthodox Union’s executive director for public policy, had this to say about the reversal:

“We are pleased to see that the Pentagon corrected its wrongful decision to assert Dr. Pincus has divided loyalties just because he is an American Jew with family in Israel. We encourage the Obama Administration to review the security clearance process so that such cases do not arise in the future.”

Pincus is retired from private practice, but wanted to give back to those who serve in the military. He found a job as a civilian dentist at a naval dental clinic in Saratoga Springs, NY, and began making the 400-mile commute from his New York City home once a week to treat sailors who are part of a U.S. nuclear submarine propulsion program. The position required security clearance, so the denial meant Pincus couldn’t retain the job unless he won his appeal. He was permitted to continue working while he worked through the appeal process.

Upon learning the Pentagon had reversed its decision, Pincus said, “I’m overjoyed with it,” and added that he had no hard feelings.

If your job requires a security clearance and you’ve received notice that your clearance application has been denied, please call our office for a consultation with a security clearance attorney. We can discuss your options and represent you during the appeals process, if necessary.