Having your security clearance means you can continue your livelihood, and when you face security clearance denial, you need a professional to help you provide a successful defense against the government’s Statement of Reasons.

To that end, we here at the Security Clearance Law Group recently revamped our website to provide even more useful information about our areas of representation, as well as background regarding our extensive experience in this highly specialized legal field.

“We have a vast background in this type of legal representation, and we sought to create a website that adequately reflects that,” says attorney John Griffith, a U.S. Army veteran.

On our site, you’ll find answers to questions ranging from “What is SF-86?” (It’s the questionnaire you must complete when applying for DOD clearance) to information regarding Freedom of Information Act questions and requests.

Prior to founding this firm, Griffith became the managing partner of a well-known national security clearance law firm early in his career. He and partners Catie Young and Amy Lass made the decision to branch out and create Security Clearance Law Group to provide better service at a cost-effective rate.

We also have increased our staff to better equip our firm to accommodate more complex cases.

Griffith has represented members of nearly every government agency and employees of most major government contracting firms in national security clearance cases. He has been to hearings on security clearance cases in about 20 states.

Young gained her security clearance experience while working for one of the largest national security clearance law firms on the West Coast. She has handled hundreds of appeals and written responses, and she is an expert in adjudicative mitigation and security risk guidelines.

Lass rounds out our team as an expert in legal research and law and motion practice. She leads our litigation support team.

Security clearance attorney, John Griffith sought to focus on this area of law because as a veteran, he has a passion for standing up for citizens.

“You have a right to make a living,” he says. “Some people can’t get jobs in specialized fields without clearance. We enjoy helping make that possible for as many people as possible.”

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