If you have just responded to the Statement of Reasons (SOR) and your response requested a hearing before an Administrative Judge, time is of the essence. Only a security clearance attorney who possesses specific knowledge of the adjudication process can give you the assistance you need.

What Can You Expect During DOHA Security Clearance Hearings & Personal Appearances?

Before the DOHA hearing begins, the Government’s Counsel will brief you on the procedures and protocols surrounding this often-confusing process.

When the hearing begins, the Administrative Judge and Government Counsel will identify themselves for the record before the Judge asks about your age and background in order to assess if you’re competent to represent yourself. The Judge will then explain how the hearing is conducted before confirming your rights to object to any evidence brought forth by the DOHA attorney.

As the hearing proceeds, the Administrative Judge assigned to your case will allow both the Government and the applicant (you) to put forth a valid case. The DOHA attorney will use the information you provided in your response to the SOR and can present witnesses and testimony to further prove that your security clearance should be revoked or denied.

While engaged in DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances, you may feel intimidated facing Government Counsel without adequate legal representation. That is because Government Counsel is known to be aggressive during the cross-examination of evidence and witnesses.

For this reason, you should never undergo this process alone, nor should you trust your DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Hearing case to just any attorney.

As experienced legal professionals, our DOHA security clearance attorneys are deeply familiar with all aspects of security clearance law.

Our Successful Case History

At Security Clearance Law Group, we have successfully represented clients all across the country during the DOHA Hearing and Personal Appearances process.

Our attorneys are known and respected by both Administrative Judges and Government Counsel. That means that you can rely on your attorney answering the tough questions posed by the DOHA attorney. Each of our lawyers possesses years of trial experience and will never be intimidated by aggressive cross-examination.

As your attorney during the DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances process, we can help you submit the necessary documents and bring forth witnesses to testify on your behalf. Most of all, we can help you feel more at ease once you know that your case is being handled by a skilled and experienced security clearance legal professional.

The Importance of Proper Representation

With so much on the line with security clearance hearings and appearances, you deserve the representation of competent legal counsel. When you are denied security clearance, we will make your case our top priority and remain committed to providing you with effective legal representation.

With our help, your chances for receiving a favorable result from the Administrative Judge will be significantly increased.

The Administrative Judge’s Recommendation

It should be noted that for federal employees seeking security clearance, the Administrative Judge’s decision at the DOHA Hearing and Personal Appearances stage is only a recommendation. For those federal employees that don’t fall under the DoDCAF, your appeals matter will go to a senior level case adjudicator.

For DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances, the Administrative Judge’s recommendation will be submitted to the PSAB for further review. Only then will the PSAB vote on whether to grant or deny your application.

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If you are applying for security clearance and now are facing the DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances process, our attorneys want to represent you.

We can help you respond to the SOR and assist you with the hearing process, from gathering information from the opposing Government Counsel to standing beside before the Administrative Judge, we can guide you to a successful decision regarding your application.

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