Have you applied for security clearance and do you need help with your SF-86 application? You can count on us as your counselors.

You should never leave the SF-86 application process to chance. In most cases, it’s what you fail to disclose on the SF-86, also referred to as e-QIP) that triggers a denial or revocation of your security clearance.

What is the SF-86?

The Standard Form (SF) 86 is a questionnaire that’s used to fill National Security Positions.

An SF-86 is used by military personnel, government contractors, and government agency employees to apply for the proper levels of security clearance.

Completing the SF-86 must be done correctly or your application could be in jeopardy. Even the smallest mistake could hurt your chances of obtaining confidential, secret, or even top-secret security clearance.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to get the assistance of a qualified lawyer. Only an attorney familiar with the SF-86 can guide you through the process to ensure that all documentation is completed properly.

The last thing you want to do is take this situation lightly. If you omit, conceal or falsify relevant facts from the SF-86 Questionnaire, you could end up having your security clearance suspended or revoked somewhere down the line.

Likewise, you shouldn’t leave your important people, places you’ve lived or visited, and contacts, as well as any foreign business you may have engaged in. You should also divulge if you have other ties to foreigners or foreign governments. If any of these are omitted or falsely claimed, your security clearance could be denied. Or, your clearance could face further scrutiny and could be significantly delayed, sometimes up to a year or more.

When Your Security Clearance Has Been Denied

A denial or revocation of your security clearance following an SF-86 application can be detrimental to your career, particularly if obtaining an interim clearance is a condition of your employment. Without that interim clearance, your job offer could be rescinded, which could subsequently result in a loss of jurisdiction by the Government.

Our skilled and experienced attorneys can provide you with pre-clearance counseling while assisting you with the completion of the SF-86. Our attorneys can also help you mitigate and address potentially disqualifying information that could increase your chances of obtaining an interim security clearance.

The Importance of Seeking Counseling

When faced with an SF-86, proper representation by an attorney is paramount and could prove invaluable, especially if your current record isn’t so spotless.

As a team with years of experience representing clients just like you, we can guide you through this crucial first step to help you obtain a security clearance.

The Process Can Be Difficult

It helps to have the assistance of qualified counselors who can help you complete the SF-86 so that there are no errors or omissions. With so much scrutiny being placed on SF-86 applications, you never want your information to get flagged for review.

If your application is flagged and the process for obtaining security clearance becomes extended, you could be forced to fill out further documentation or attend a hearing before an Administrative Judge.

This process can be confusing and there are many opportunities for missteps along the way.

For this reason, you should always seek the advice and guidance of a lawyer when faced with filling out a document as critical as an SF-86. Only when the proper documentation and information has been submitted can you hope to receive a fast and efficient decision to the application process.

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If you have to fill out an SF-86 to obtain security clearance for a government and military position, you are encouraged to call our firm. We can assist you with the attainment or reinstatement of security clearance, both in and out of a courtroom.

We can help you respond to SORs and LOIs and provide you with the necessary assistance during the appeals process.

The first step is to contact our lawyers for a free consultation. We will listen to your concerns and guide you through this difficult process. If you have to stand before an Administrative Judge, we will stand by your side and represent your case aggressively so as to help you attain the security clearance and subsequently secure the position you’re applying for.

When an SF-86 stands between you and security clearance, call us and we’ll give you the counseling and assistance you need.
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