Amy Lass is one of our partnering security clearance attorneys and is known for her legal research abilities and expertise with regards to motion practice. Amy also strives to maintain complete transparency with clients to alleviate their uncertainty as their work toward security clearance employment or reinstatement of clearance at all levels.

Amy is originally from New York but was raised in San Diego. After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Enterprise Accounting, Amy went on to subsequently earn her law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2006.

During Amy’s time at Thomas Jefferson, she spent a summer semester studying abroad in Nice, France. It was there that Amy studied and learned the nuances of comparative constitutional law. Amy worked with a significant number of legal experts during her time in France, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
As a trained, experienced, and qualified security clearance services attorney, Ms. Lass holds a deep passion for advocating for due process rights with regards to government-related employment. Her legal research skills are unmatched and she has extensive knowledge of motional practice law. Amy currently utilizes these skills in her role as Security Clearance Law Group’s litigation support team, which she leads.

For security clearance employment assistance or help with security clearance revocation and appeals, call Amy Lass. She works closely with her clients, ensuring they get the best possible outcome for their cases. Whether you require written responses to statements of reason or letters of intent, you need to show up for a security clearance hearing and you require an advocate standing by your side, or you merely have questions related to Security Clearance Law, call Amy Lass for a free consultation.

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