John Griffith holds vast experience with regards to Security Clearance Law. John is known for his attention-to-detail and ability to delve into the facts to bring a successful resolution to his clients’ cases. Mr. Griffith has worked with hundreds of military and government security clearance clients throughout the country as he helps them attain security clearance or get their clearance reinstated following a suspension or revocation. John is a veteran of the US Army and regularly travels across the nation as he represents fellow service members and government contractors with regards to National Security Clearance Matters. Born and raised in Texas, John moved to San Diego to pursue a career in law directly after completing his military service.

Early in his career, Mr. Griffith became the managing partner of one of the largest National Security Law Firms on the west coast. It was during this time that Mr. Griffith learned the nuances of Security Clearance Law. John attributes this time for his ability to work closely with clients as he gathers the facts, conducts the necessary research, and guides his clients to the best possible outcome for their security clearance case.
John then branched out and founded Security Clearance Law Group with partners Amy Lass and Catie Young. Together, the security clearance attorneys follow a mission of providing their clients with the very highest levels of representation at the most affordable rates.

John has represented members of nearly every government agency and assisted employees of most major government contracting firms with regards to security clearance cases.
If you need the help of a skilled and experienced security clearance lawyer to obtain a security clearance or appeal a suspension or revocation, including responding to SORs and LOIs, and help with SR-86 and other matters related to security clearance hearings, call John Griffith today for a free consultation.

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