government clearance levels
Levels of Security Clearance
In Security Clearance by Catie Young / November 20, 2019

Knowing the different levels of security clearance and what it takes to obtain those clearances can help you have a better time during the application process. Applying for a security clearance can be a confusing time. The following information should help to make more sense of the process by defining the various levels of security […]

The security clearance denial rate
Security Clearance Denial Rate Explained
In Blog by Catie Young / October 20, 2019

The security clearance denial rate is a hot topic among clearance applicants for the DoD and other agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI. Many military and government employees and contractors need security clearance to fulfill their roles. If you are about to apply for clearance, you may want to know the security clearance denial […]

Security Clearance Process
Security Clearance Process by Certified Professionals
In Blog by Catie Young / October 7, 2019

When applying for a security clearance, you want the best outcome. For that reason, this isn’t the time to wing-it. Instead, you should become familiar with the security clearance process from beginning to end. Here is a general rundown of the security clearance process to keep you informed and to increase your chances of obtaining […]

revoked security clearance guideline
Revoked Security Clearance Guidelines & Solutions
In Blog by Catie Young / September 17, 2019

A security clearance revocation can hit hard, both personally and professionally. Whether you are in the military or with a federal agency, you rely on your clearance to fulfill your job and support your family. With all that you endured obtaining your clearance, such as filling out the SF-86 and having your history sifted through […]

Security Clearance Text Messages
Security Clearance, Text Messages and Online Activity
In Blog by Catie Young / September 6, 2019

Security clearance applicants often want to know if their texting and online surfing habits might get them into trouble while undergoing the clearance investigation process. While it is true that security clearance investigators can dig deeply into all the financial, personal, and social aspects of your life, your text messages, and private online accounts are […]

Security Clearance & Mental Health SF-86 Question 21
In Blog by Catie Young / August 23, 2019

Standard Form 86 (SF-86) Question 21 wants to know if you have any health issues to report when applying for a security clearance. Sounds straightforward, but many applicants get hung up on this question for obvious reasons. SF-86 Question 21 specifically asks if you have received any treatment for mental health conditions in the previous […]

Government Security Clearance
Government Security Clearance
In Blog by Catie Young / August 5, 2019

A government security clearance is granted to government employees and contractors who are privy to confidential information. No one has automatic access to secret information, even if you were recently hired onto a government position that requires access. To be granted a government security clearance, which can only be supplied by your employer, you must […]

Military Security Clearance
The Value of Military Security Clearance During & After Service
In Blog by Catie Young / August 2, 2019

A military security clearance is reserved for select personnel within our armed forces who are deemed worthy of accessing confidential information. Being a member of the armed forces doesn’t automatically qualify you for security clearance. Just like non-military federal contractors, you will have to apply. Applying for Military Security Clearance When you apply for military […]

Lying & Omissions on the SF-86
In Blog by Catie Young / July 22, 2019

When a position in the military or with a federal agency requires a security clearance, the process for obtaining clearance begins by filling out Standard Form 86, also referred to as SF-86 or E-QIP. When completing this questionnaire, which asks you to divulge information about your background and history, as well as provide references who […]

security clearance myth
9+1 Security Clearance Myths You’ll Want to Know
In Blog by Catie Young / July 15, 2019

Applying for a security clearance is necessary for many positions at the federal and military levels. While this process can be straightforward for those who are accustomed to the SF-86 questionnaire, investigation and interview process, and how to appeal following a denial or revocation, there still exist a few myths surrounding this matter. Here are […]